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As I mentioned on the main page, I knew my Dino gas tank leaked when I purchased the car and also had severe damage from the car being bottomed out. It also had at least 14 year old gas that stank really bad. The first thing I did when I got the car home was pull the tank out to get it properly repaired (well, ok the first thing I did was admire the FIAT Dino Spider, the second was give it a much needed bath). I found some more damage where the tank straps hold the tank which is a common rust spot I found out later. I was not worried about it since I am getting the tank "renu'd" where they cut it open and sandblast it clean and then seal it permanentaly with a rubber like material. Its supposed to be quite good and very permanent.

One of the common issues on these cars is the long filler neck into the Dino gas tank breaking at the welds where it enters the gas tank and causing leaks, just one common item to look for when thinking of buying one of these great cars (mine is fine)

The first step in removing the tank is to remove the spare and disconnect the fuel sending unit and line. Then jack up the car really high and just when you think you can't get it any higher, get it higher yet, you have to have enough room under the car to turn the gas tank vertical and move it around quite a bit (a lift helps but is not required).
You can see a small upward dent at the very top middle of this picture where the tank hit the body on a bottom out, I will hammer that back down to get the tire to fit properly.

FIAT Spider inside of trunk
The crack on the TOP of the tank where it rubbed against the body and tank strap. dino gas tank damage
If you click on this picture you will see where the crack in the above picture is located. dino gas tank
The bottom of the tank, its been hit many times and you can see several of the previous and still leaking repairs by previous owners. other view of gas tank
The bottom front of the tank, you can see a repair that was done there also, and there is a matching dent in the rear axle tube, looks like the car hit a rock at speed. bottom front of tank
The bottom of the repaired tank after tank "renu". They did a pretty good job of getting the dents out and it is nicely sealed now. I wish they had done a better job of coating the outside with fewer brush marks but its a gas tank so no complaints. after tank renu
You can see the back edge here that was badly dented, since this is visible from the back of the car, I think they did a very good job of making it fairly even and removing the dents. I can't see the seam where they cut the tank open and it has a lifetime guarantee so it should last. fiat dino spider gas tank
Oh, I liked this one...lets Mickey Mouse a fuel filter in the back of the car to help with the rusty fuel problem. Better wrap that exhaust pipe since the filter and rubber line actually touch the exhaust pipe. I guess I need to give him credit for trying not to blow the car up. I removed the fuel filter and put it in the front of the car where it was originally. fuel line and exhaust pipe sillyness

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