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Since I own both a Dino and a 124 Spider, I can compare the parts. The boot pad on the right is from a 1973 124 Spider. I am mising one on my Dino Boot so I will be getting one of these from Chris Obert soon and seeing if I can modify it. If not then the little metal plate will be pretty easy to weld up and rivet to the plastic.

The parts appear to be the same, about 1/4" difference in length (the Dino one is longer)
FIAT 124 Boot parts and Dino parts Differences between FIAT 124 Spider and FIAT Dino Spider

The 124 one will not work as-is, if you click this picture for the enlarged one, I have put in some text to show where it needs to be modified.
Boot part tabs
I did try and fit my 124 one onto the Dino and also found that the metal tabs on the Dino one are bent slightly, I thought that was just due to rough handling and incorrect but the 124 did NOT look like it would fit even if I filed that ridge off that is visible on the larger picture. To make a 124 one fit, you would need to file down the "Ridge" and MAYBE bend the tabs with a little heat.

fits nicely, in the Dino Boot.
all finished

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